Did you lose your care guide? Not to worry!

You’ve come to the right place…

Here are your quick tips for keeping them happy:

  • There's no need to repot your succulents, they're ready to go right out of your Botany Box.

  • Succulents prefer sun, so try to place them near the brightest window in your home!

  • Overwatering is the main cause of succulent deaths every year. Let the soil dry completely between waterings!

Don’t forget - we’re here to help.


  • What’s the clear tape on my succulents?

    • That’s plant tape! It’s there to protect the soil from coming out of your jars, and making a mess. Feel free to take off all the tape when your plants arrive.

  • Do I need to water them right away?

    • Nope! Your succulents have been properly watered in placed in new - moist soil, they will not need to be watered for another 10/14 days.